Stay Positively Black


As we look at the news reports and the continuous negative propaganda about Black People, keep in mind that we are not the “Boogeymen” we are portrayed to be.  On the contrary, if we are balancing the scales,  the same tragedies and events happen within every culture in America . Now have you ever wondered why you don’t hear about “normal” crimes in “Non-Black Communities?”  Just a question I’m postulating.  Let’s flip the script and get to the point of this article. (That was the setup).

Many of us know way more Positive Black Folks who are jamming in whatever their pursuits or vocation than those who are not.  There are success stories in abundance.  I just happen to be working out of a city where crime is high, but on the other side of the equation, there is a bustling successful Black Population in the same geography.  Just the other day I spoke with one of my Frat Brothers who is a Judge.  In that same day, I spoke with several successful Black Lawyers and ran into a former NBA Player who is only the third person to earn a Ph.D. within that fraternity.

Let’s face it we have extremely successful Black Educators, Administrators, Software Engineers, App Developers, Doctors, Lawyers, Hair Stylists, Accountants, Social Workers, Police Officers, Probation Officers, Musicians, Graphic Designers, Singers, Dancers, Department of Sanitation Workers, Transportation Workers and Black Entrepreneurs.

Not getting into politics but there are successful Black Mayors, Congresspeople, Senators as well as city and state legislators.  Let’s dare not mention the greatest Potus and Flotus in American History (wait for it)…. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama!  During his presidency, they should have pronounced it O-BAM-A (rhymes with Slam).

Please don’t let me forget the successful Black Women either as single Mums, Grandmothers, Intercessors, and Warrior- Princess Nurturers who could slap you with a look!!! Hats off to Maxine Waters who stands toe-to-toe with lying and bullying politricks!  Hats off to Colin Kaepernick who has stayed poised in the midst of the “Oppression Minded” nonsense of why he protested in the first place. More on that down the road. Big ups to fathers who raise their children, other children and are involved in helping to in a non-pedophile way show boys how to become men.  Also to productive and responsible brothers in the many diverse fields they represent.

Hats off to the thriving spiritual centers in the Black Community.  Again, I’m currently working out of a city where the Honorable Minister Farrakhan has been leading a robust flock for decades.  And because this is not a religious dissertation but inclusive writing of all Blackness  I mention him as well as the living organism of Black Churches and the steady leadership of “Good Undershepherds” like Dr. Byron T. Brazier, John Hannah, Pastors Alvin Richards,   Jerry Taylor, Carolyn Gooseby, Scott Williams, Leola Stuttley-Bell and Apostle John Eckhardt!

Now let’s mention Ta-Nehisi Coates, Cornell West, Black Stax, Khari B, Tracey King, SB, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Queen Latifah, 50-Cents, Snoop, The Late Queen of Soul, Nas, Kobie Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Ice Cube, Shonda Rhimes, Tyler Perry, John Singleton, Common, The Coup, The United Tribe of Peace, Lena Waite and many more.

We have leaders of Industry, City Departments and businesses like: Doug Harris, Zemira Jones, Mohammed Al Amoudi, Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Robert Smith, Tyronne Stoudemire, Eddie Johnson, Nicole Robinson, Esther Franklin, Louis Carr, Dawn Joi, James & Spring Capers, Bob McGhee, Mr. McKeever (the dad of Steve McKeever), James Mattz, Shawn Brown, Angela Ford,  Steve Ballard, Samuel Akainyah, The Guichard, Malcolm Whiteside, Randy Conners,  & Mike Evans.

Most importantly there is YOU!  Thought and community leaders professionals, parents making up the resilience of true royalty!! Long live Black Positivity and welcome to “Positive Propaganda!”

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